Professional Property Connection...

Professional Property Connection

We create a connection between professional estate agents in Belgium, the Netherlands, England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Ireland who wants to have an extended network of reliable estate agents in Spain.

Professional Property Connection offers the estate agents the opportunity to collaborate and trade directly, in this way the buyer enjoys optimal service when purchasing a property abroad, whether it is a second home or an investment.

The buyer and the property are central under the guidance of the best estate agents, both at home and in the country where they want to purchase a property.

Estate agents affiliated with Professional Property Connection must comply with all legal requirements of the country in which they are established.

Properties placed on Professional Property Connection must have all legal documents.

Professional Property Connection does NOT act as an intermediary in sales and in no way receives any commission regarding the purchase and sale of properties.

The only parties involved are:

The estate agent at the home front - The buyer - The estate agent abroad


Save time and money with direct contact with the right buyer…

Buyers from Northern and Western Europe can go to their trusted estate agent at home to be informed and to be advised when purchasing a property in Spain.

After discussing the wishes and the budget can the estate agent, in the buyers home country, will contact the estate agent in Spain through our platform, ask additional questions and then pass the buyer over.

After the initial contact with the buyer and the estate agent in Spain, all parties involved can follow the progress of the current project through our platform.

Professional Property Connection

The future & expansion

In the future estate agents will be able to add properties from:

The cooperation will also be possible from: